Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Grown up rule #2 Don't scratch your gnat bites

2am - My foot feels like it's been stung - I use my emergency bite light (iPhone) to check the damage and sure enough I have a gnat bite on my foot. With a little scratch I go back to sleep.

2.01am - That scratch wasn't quite enough. Ahhh that's better; back to sleep.

3am - Another sting and I've got 3 burning bites on my foot. With a few scratches and one for luck I'm just sitting with the light on watching listening to the taunting buzz of the gnat who had the last laugh.

3.21am - I use the duvet to scratch; less dramatic but not quite as satisfying. 

4.15am - I lick my hand and apply the natural antihistamine. Naturally, this doesn't work and with a cheeky scratch and I continue where I left Angry Birds.

7.20am - I should be up by now but instead I've resorted to the trusty favourite to try and get some sleep - I find my longest nail and apply the condemning
cross hair to each tingling bite. And wait; as I know that this will end the madness.

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