Tuesday, 3 July 2012

30 before 30: Write a book

It's often said that every Journalist is writing a book (with very few finishing) and whilst my professional writing jobs have been few and far between the desire to put pen to "fictional genre" paper has been snowballing.

Whether it's like playing music; your inspiration seems to be overflowing whenever you're going through a miserable time or because you get to a certain age and feel that your experiences need laying to rest before you start to live the rest of your life, I don't really know.

Knowing a few people who have endured the personal struggle that is writing a novel I begin to appreciate how it's probably going to take over my life and eventually I'll be the only one who reads it; but like with the remainder of my 30 before 30 list I am naively determined.

As I am going to start to think about putting some ideas down I thought I'd share some of my favourite/memorable reads; not because they are popular but because I really like them! (This list is very big so may be added to at a later date).

A must read for every woman

Bryson is the perfect travel read!

Daring poetry

Brilliantly written - don't watch it!

For anyone who has ever felt they didn't fit in

Beautiful book for Hemmingway fans

A chilling read

His and her authors, deliciously sweet

Just because.

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